Rafael Manzano Martos

Sotogrande´s Exclusive Architect.

When visiting Sotogrande, one encounters fascinating villas and estates.

Some of these have been designed by architects, famous for their ability to create something of outstanding beauty.

Rafael Manzano Martos is a world-renowned architect.

He designed La Manzana, a superb monumental villa in Sotogrande, built in 1983 for Antonio Fernandez del Villar.

Nowadays La Manzana is owned by the French jewelry family Cartier.

The estate is hidden in the heart of Sotogrande Alto, close to the well known Valderrama Golf Course.

Nice to know that Rafael named La Manzana after himself.

To mention a few of Rafael´s other works:

He served as the Director-Curator and Governor during the restoration works (1970-1991) of El Alcázar in Seville, Andalusia, originally a Moorish fort and nowadays one of the Royal Family´s palaces.

El Alcázar is one of the most famous examples of Mudéjar architecture.

Rafael also served as architect and archaeologist for La Casa de Contratación (House of Trade) in Seville.

La Casa was a government agency under the Spanish Empire, where between the 16th and 18th century, the government dealt with legal trade disputes with the Americas.

It includes a chapel where Christopher Columbus met with Ferdinand and Isabella.

In 2010 Rafael received the Richard H. Driehaus prize for Classical Architecture.

Rafael Manzano Martos, one of Sotogrande’s most exclusive architects!