Sotogrande rental services

How to find the right tenant?

Landlords want tenants who they can trust their property with.
The first few criteria are common like well presented, well mannered, non smoking and professional.

Others look for the qualities like not causing a lot of disturbance in the neighbourhood.

The ideal tenant is all of this and one who pays the rent on time and does not disturb the landlord.

The ideal tenant is an honest tenant, one who pays on time and yet resolves all tenancy issues with the landlord as efficiently.

The landlord too is assured that the property is in safe hands and renter will voice their problems well.

Sotogrande Exclusive can arrange this specialised service for the landlord.

We are following the steps enlisted below, which will at least ensure some safety against bad tenants.

Credit referencing

Sotogrande Exclusive will check the tenant’s background and his authenticity.

Employer’s reference

The renter’s salary package, their job description and criteria all play a role in shaping the tenant’s life style.

Bank’s reference

If required, Sotogrande Exclusive will ask for Bank’s reference.

Previous property owner’s reference

If requested by the owner.

Are you the landlord of a property in Sotogrande and want to have professional advise?

Sotogrande Exclusive can offer landlords in Sotogrande an innovative and fresh outlook towards property management and rental services in the Sotogrande resort.