Sotogrande renting

The rental market represents the 17% of households in Spain and the difficulties that many families face when buying a house is making this figure increase even further.

For many homeowners, the housing crisis has forced them to put their apartment up for rent and it is necessary to consider that the competition is getting tougher every day. For this reason, if we want that tenants to choose our property instead of competitor’s we have to take care of all finer details, even those that don’t seem to be so important.

Although it seems obvious, there are some details that homeowners can’t ignore. Here are some tips that Reparalia (a company specialised in fixes and reforms) has included in its guide about how to increase the probability of being chosen by tenants when you put up your apartment for rent:

Pay attention to the kitchens and bathrooms:

Ceilings. Vapors and the condensation of water can punish these areas so do not forget giving them a fresh coat of pain before renting.
Silicone bathtubs and sinks. It is recommendable to replace them every two years, if not, they could start to look shabby, so you would loose the chance of renting your property.
Check that valves and tanks are free of leaks. In addition, make sure the pipes are in proper condition to avoid them blocking up during the stay of your tenants.
The sink is one of the elements that is most used. Try to keep it clean as offering a good image of the nearest place where you handle food is essential.
The tile joints must be clean. Eventually they get black so review the spaces between tiles with a grout pen. It is easy and cheap.
Make the extractor hood shine like a mirror.
In addition to the kitchens and the bathrooms, another key factor is the electrical and air conditioning installation:

• Change plugs and switches. Safety in the electrical installation is essential, so replace the damaged plugs and switches to avoid possible accidents.

• Window insulation. A good home weatherisation is an added value when choosing a new home. Therefore, an optimum energy and noise isolation is necessary. Double glazed windows are ideal, but if not possible, install weatherstripping.

Therefore, if you follow these tips when you put your apartment for rent, your possibilities of being chosen by tenants will increase considerably.